A card that ensures persons with disabilities acces to culture, sports and leisure

For service providers

The information below is intended for service providers in the areas of culture, sport and leisure.

Looking for partners!

If you are a service provider in the areas of culture, sports and leisure, join the movement! Be one of the project partners and commit yourself to accepting the card and to granting one or the other advantage in favour of persons with disabilities.

Why you should participate ?

  • You will broaden your customer base and you will make yourself better known : visitors, spectators, members, participants, etc. coming from Belgium and the other European participating countries. Indeed, persons with disabilities make up more than 15% of the population (over 1 million persons in Belgium and 80 million in Europe).
  • You will be opening up to a public which rarely travels alone (accompanying persons, families, etc.).
  • You will participate in a more inclusive society, which adapts itself to everyone's needs.
  • You will positively enhance the image of your institution concerning the inclusion of persons with disabilities.
  • Do you already offer advantages to persons with disabilities ? Let us know it !

How can you participate?

  1. Inform the public that you accept the card (through your communication channels : web site, advertisements, flyers, etc.) and describe the advantages that you are proposing.
  2. Make yourself known to the FPS Social Security: form in Dutch | form in French | form in German

Contact & information

For further questions or information about the card please feel free to contact us : EUdisabilitycard@minsoc.fed.be.

For more information on accessibility and reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities in the areas of sports, culture and leisure:

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