A card that ensures persons with disabilities acces to culture, sports and leisure


6 December 2017
Many partners such as Mini-Europe, the Caves of Han or the Zoo of Antwerp are already part of the network that accepts the card. The network will be further developed in the future.
20 October 2017
10 questions and answers about the European Disability Card.
19 October 2017
Are you a service provider in the cultural, sports and leisure sector? Then, join the movement ! Be a partner in the project and commit to accepting the card and providing one or more benefits for all persons with disabilities who present their card.
18 October 2017
People with disabilities represent more than 15% of the population in Belgium. In the past, they often faced difficulties in proving their disability at the entrance desk of a museum, amusement park or sports centre. For cultural, sports and leisure service providers, it was not easy to see whether a person would be considered for a discount, a reserved location or some other advantage.