A card that ensures persons with disabilities acces to culture, sports and leisure

The card

What is the European Disability Card (EDC)?

A card that:

  • fosters access for persons with disabilities to culture, sports and leisure;
  • offers various advantages in those areas.

EU Disability Card: First name - Surname - Date of birth - Cardnumber - Expiration date

Who can get the card?

Any person who is recognized or assisted by one of the 5 Belgian institutions responsible for conducting the policy aimed at the integration of persons with disabilities.

How and where can you use the card?

  • You can use the European Disability Card in the areas of culture, sports and leisure (for example cinemas, theatres, museums, leisure parks, …).
  • Consult the information sites, advertisements, flyers, etc. of the place you want to go to, or contact the organiser : he will inform you of the advantages offered to persons who benefit from the card.
  • The card can be used in Belgium but also in one of the 7 other participating EU countries : Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Romania.
  • The card is strictly personal. Its advantages are reserved exclusively for you. You must always be in possession of the card to benefit from the advantages.

How and where can you use the card

Some examples of advantages that can be offered
Organisers of cultural, sports and leisure activities who accept the card are free to choose the advantages granted. For instance they are offered the possibility to grant :

  • the free admission or the tariff reductions for the person with disabilities and/or the accompanying person (or the interpreter)
  • a free audio/visual guide
  • explanatory brochures or leaflets adapted to meet different needs (in Braille lettering or easy to read for example)
  • adapted guided visits (in sign language for example)
  • reductions on the guided visits
  • accessible places reserved for people with disabilities
  • a specific pass in the leisure parks for easier access to attractions
  • etc.

Who are the primary partners of the European Disability Card ?

Many partners such as Mini-Europe, the Caves of Han or the Zoo of Antwerp are already part of the network that accepts the card. The network will be further developed in the future.

Consult the list of partners